Frequently Asked Questions:

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How long is this program going to last?

The reimbursement program is supposed to last until 2016, but the City of Seattle has a limited budget and when that runs out, it may be over.† So act now.


Will I have standing water in my rain garden?

No.† The rain gardens are designed to infiltrate within 24 hours.†


Will this rain garden require a lot of work?

No.† We install plants that are mutually beneficial to the homeowner and the program.† You have a say in the types of plants which may be used.† Some maintenance including watering during dry periods in the first year and replenishing the garden with mulch every year, may be required.† (Specific instructions will be given.)


How long do I have to keep the rain garden?

The City of Seattle will require you to sign a contract that you will keep this rain garden for 5 years.† If you sell your home, the buyer must agree to the remaining portion of the contract.†


Why canít I install the rain garden myself?

The City wants accountability and is requiring a trained third party to do the work.


How long has Lisa been doing storm water design?

Lisa has been working in the storm water field for 19 years.


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