Why should I install a rain garden or cistern?

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In 2012, residents in Ballard (map), Delridge (map), North Union Bay (map) and Windermere (map) CSO basins will be eligible for rebates. The City will pay most of the cost of installing rain gardens and cisterns, depending on how many square feet of roof runoff is controlled.  The City will pay up to $3.50 per square foot of roof that is directed from the sanitary sewer to your rain garden or cistern.

Rain that falls on our roofs, driveways and other hard surfaces can carry pollutants to our creeks, Lake Washington, and Pudget Sound.  During big storms, the sheer volume of this “stormwater” can flood homes, cause sewer overflows, and erode hillsides and streambanks.


We can all help to slow and clean the rain runoff from our homes with simple projects that are useful and attractive additions to our yards.  If you live in a target combined sewer overflow (CSO) basin, you may be eligible for substantial rebates for installing a rain garden or cistern



How does the City of Seattle’s RainWise program work?